Albert Einstein:

Everything should be made AS SIMPLE AS POSSIBLE,



Training of talents still remains individual.

Musicians, sculptors, film directors usually adopt creative experiences

shared by universally recognized accomplished creators.

The use of this training format is unavoidable

because of the small number of trainees...

It can only help use that knowledge with maximum efficiency.

As a result, experience is transferred from generation to generation

in the same way as folklore:

this is the most ancient form of education...

In modern times it is only natural to try and find

a more productive method

involving proactive transfer of learning.

Evsey Reghirer

Development of research abilities,




Systems and technology of training under the common title EASyTRIZ™ have been developed by Prof. Dr. Michael Orloff from mid-1990s. By that time, on the experience of consultation and training for dozens of industrial enterprises and universities, including the promotion of TRIZ-technology and software of Invention Machine Corp., it was revealed that explicit failures in the dissemination and application of TRIZ and TRIZ software have one and the same reason – the lack of initial training of users on the basics of TRIZ.


Users did not know and did not understand the logic and functionality of TRIZ software. There was none of TRIZ textbook, no course with the right, fast and reliable method of training.


Habitual way of teaching the basics of TRIZ, widespread until now, is a retelling of popular stories that illustrate some TRIZ models, and "pass" along an overly long and complex Algorithm of Inventive Problem Solving of 1985 (ARIZ-1985), with looking for almost all (!) the methods and models of TRIZ during 3-5 days and, of course, with "festive distribution of gifts" that is certificates of different degrees. After these seminars only a few can grasp something very small about even the simplest models.


"Certified graduates" of such seminars are afraid to take on the real problem, and subsequently some of them negatively characterize both TRIZ itself and TRIZ-software and books, claiming that all this is inefficient, difficult and unconvincing.


This "folklore" teaching – superficial and not systemic, and ultimately helpless methodically – already discredited and continues to discredit the TRIZ.


However, the way to a simple and well-structured system, dubbed EASyTRIZ™, was by no means simple and required a revision of the empirical and methodological origins of the "classical" TRIZ.


Creating such a simple and constructive methods, as Extracting and Reinventing, has required, as a minimum:


a) renunciation of stereotypes of "dogmatic" teaching and, quite the contrary,

b) introducing the research and gaming principles in the process of formation and consolidation of the first skills;

c) and penetration into universal character of TRIZ models and

d) demonstration of this versatility at any artifact.


Indeed, because of any of the objects surrounding us was once invented, and went a certain way to be improved. This way was undoubtedly overcoming the contradictions between the existing qualities of this artifact and new requirements for it, certainly growing to extend application of artifact. And each new improvement had to find, think of, invent.


EASyTRIZ™ is designed to reproduce (simulate) the process of invention of any artifact. Only just on this way – through disclosure, modeling and reinventing of objective transformations of any object from the state of the artifact-prototype to be improved towards the artifact-result – it is possible to study systematically any invention, to teach principles and tools of TRIZ methodically, convincingly and efficiently.



System and training technology EASyTRIZ™ include several directions:

e-TRIZ – e-learning in the basics of Modern TRIZ;

s-TRIZ – seminars on MTRIZ which are continuing, as a rule, with training in the system e-TRIZ;

c-TRIZ – consulting as MTRIZ reengineering in the form of joint work with specialists of customer’s Think Tank Team;

              previously or concurrently with consulting, training of employees of the company-customer is conducting in the system e-TRIZ;

d-TRIZ – designing the inventive solutions for the customer.


Efficient and simple training technology

under the general brand EASyTRIZ™,

built on a system of unified methodological procedures

and on standardized presentation of all models and examples,

has no analogue in the world.


Here is a story that will help us to properly appreciate efficiency of TRIZ teaching and TRIZ itself. Sometime ago Prof. M. Orloff bought a poster (fig. below), one of those that people in Germany often put up on walls in offices and corridors for the sake of a joke.


The text exhilarated him with its unexpected wisdom and paradoxical poignancy.


You can judge for yourselves – just look at my translation in fig. above which, although somewhat awkward and unwieldy for an English-speaking reader, preserves the structure of the original to point out the "stress" word combinations. As for the meaning – well, it is clear, is it not?


Indeed, both at schools and universities, they sometimes teach us using antediluvian methods designed by teachers who themselves had been students, shall we say, ages ago, i.e. very much "yesterday", as it says in the poster!


And we are supposed to believe that these teachers will prepare their pupils for solving future problems?


So maybe TRIZ is also obsolete?! And they keep trying to teach us using nothing but "past inventions"?! Now, that is simply outrageous! And these are all legitimate questions!



Here's our answer: TRIZ is not obsolete!

On the contrary, it is still not mature enough!

But the methods,

by which the many throughout taught and still teaches TRIZ,

are outdated!