Alan Kay:

The best way to predict the future is to INVENT IT!


Dear Mr. Yunitsky!

          It was with great joy and satisfaction that I read your letter. It touched and excited me. It is wonderful that there are people living on our planet who are troubled by the technocratic development of mankind. They feel concerned and alarmed for the future of the planet – and it does not matter where they live, whether in the Soviet Union or Japan, America or France…

          I have put your contact details and information about your idea into my computer. I believe that idea to be interesting and promising.

Act! Victory favors those who are insistent and single-minded. I believe you are one of such people. I hug you.

         Respectfully yours,

         Arthur Clarke








We have already told earlier on this site, as well as in my books, that there were many predictions made ??by scientists very honored, that something is impossible. Many say so about "String Transport by Yunitskiy".


They say usually: String roads? Nobody in the world has them, and we want to go to Japan and make fools of ourselves!? Not on my life!


Here we give an answer as Arthur C. Clarke's "three laws":



The trend governing evolution of many modern artifacts is systemically based on networking patterns. This trend is not new, but it keeps manifesting itself in new ways. Historical examples include development of pedestrian roads, then roads for horse-drawn carriages and motor vehicles; development of railroads; development of electric networks; development of telephone and then radio networks; most recently, development of computer networks (Internet) and mixed networks.


This trend is one of the "ideal final results" of the Yunitsky’s transport system which abandons expensive traditional railroads in favor of light high-speed networks capable of joining a multitude of human settlements and making cultural riches stored in megalopolises and large cities readily available to people living elsewhere.


String transport possesses colossal system-building capacity. For example, new settlements in the world can be built in the most beautiful and environmentally sound localities. Because it will be possible to rapidly and reliably reach any metropolitan or recreational area all year round.

And anyone interested in ideas and dreams by Yunitsky, can easily find his websites and see what the new does remarkable inventor and engineer create today?


And here we demonstrate some key ideas by Yunitsky through simplified reinventing.